AMMROC | AMMROC: Expanding Horizons
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AMMROC: Expanding Horizons

AMMROC: Expanding Horizons

When AMMROC (Advanced Military Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Centre) started in 2010, it was a joint venture between Mubadala (60 percent), Lockheed Martin (20 per cent) and Sikorsky (20 per cent). However, Timothy J. German, Chief Commercial Officer, AMMROC, highlighted that since 2010, the company has had a number of changes. Mubadala was replaced with Emirates Defense Industries Company (EDIC) and Lockheed Martin bought Sikorsky. So, currently the joint venture is between EDIC that owns 60 per cent and Lockheed Martin that owns 40 per cent.

On the sidelines of the show, he said: “Right now, we have three facilities – MRO Abu Dhabi, which is at Abu Dhabi Airport, where we share a facility with Etihad Airways Engineering; we also have our headquarters in Khalifa Park, Abu Dhabi, where we have our engineering and executive offices. The third location is our brand new facility in Al Ain covering one square kilometre. We are about 98 per cent complete with the construction and are looking to open up next year. In addition to that, we do work on all the bases in the UAE.”

AMMROC supports UAE Air Force & Air Defence and every single platform they operate, including fighter, transport and VIP aircraft. This includes 21 different types of aircraft, right from the F-16 and C-130 to the Twin Otter. The firm also supports the Dubai Royal Air wing’s Head of State L-100s.

German stressed: “We are excited about our Al Ain facility. AMMROC has been concentrating on our UAE customer but with our grand opening in Al Ain, we will be open to the world. At the facility, we will have five large hangars, a dedicated paint facility, and it’s going to be a Black Hawk helicopter depot. Currently, our Black Hawk work is carried out at Abu Dhabi Airport where we are weaponising helicopters for the Aviation Command. So, all this will move to Al Ain.” He added that AMMROC is the only company in the world that is authorised to perform a fully integrated weaponised modification for the Black Hawk helicopter.