AMMROC | National and Reserve Service Authority launches “Change Partner Campaign”
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National and Reserve Service Authority launches “Change Partner Campaign”

National and Reserve Service Authority launches “Change Partner Campaign”

ABU DHABI, 9th July, 2018 (WAM) — The National and Reserve Service Authority has launched the “Change Partner Campaign,” as part of the national initiative, titled, “Jasadak Amana” (Your Body is a Responsibility).

The authority launched the campaign during a press conference today, which saw the participation of Staff Brigadier Mohammed Suhail Al Neyadi, Director of Strategic Planning at the Authority; Lt. Colonel Dr. Moza Al Shehhi, Advisor of Sports Medicine at the Authority; Talal Al Hashemi, Director of the Technical Affairs Department at the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, and Rashed Al Blooshi, Vice President of Human Resources and Administrative Affairs at the Advanced Military Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Centre, AMMROC.

Brigadier Al Neyadi highlighted the authority’s desire to launch awareness, health and educational programmes, which will help train future generations to be capable of protecting the nation. ”The authority realised this goal by launching Jasadak Amana in 2017,” he added.

He noted that Jasadak Amana targets all members of the UAE community, based on its belief in the importance of preparing people physically to perform their national duty and meet their social responsibility.

Al Neyadi affirmed that Jasadak Amana covered 12 different topics in 2017, which received positive interactions on social media and various platforms in malls.

He explained that as a national health initiative, Jasadak Amana is under the umbrella of the General Command of the Armed Forces and was organised by the authority, in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Sports Council and AMMROC.

The authority launched the Change Partner Campaign, which will continue until the end of 2018, to promote social participation in the UAE and promote healthy behaviours, by encouraging individuals and groups from schools, universities and the government and private sectors to nominate themselves as partners of change.

Al Shehhi said that the nomination conditions include active participation in sports, the ability to positively influence, daily health and fitness routines, membership to a sports or health club or team, quitting bad health habits and living a healthy lifestyle.

She referred to the method of participation in the Change Partner campaign, through special posts in the form of short videos or expressive pictures which encourage the UAE community to practice different sports, eat healthy food and advise them on how to quit bad habits, and positively influence their lives. They would also publish one post (the video or expressive picture) for the change partner weekly on the private account, with an agreement to republish on the Jasadak Amana campaign’s account.

Talal Al Hashemi asserted that the campaign represents an important way for the sustainability of sports and health plans and behaviour which is based on practising sports, maintaining healthy food habits and quitting negative practices. These are in harmony and accordance with their plans in the Abu Dhabi Sports Council which aspires to elevate the level of social awareness with the prominent role played by sports in limiting chronic diseases such as obesity and diabetes.

Rashed Al Blooshi confirmed the contribution of AMMROC’s employees in the Jasadak Amana initiative since it was launched with the different levels of their physical fitness, as it allowed them to join the Yas Circuit track and participate in riding bicycles while looking forward to a healthy lifestyle.