AMMROC | Nationalization
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AMMROC has a genuine Nationalization strategy that aims at transferring skills and knowledge from Expatriates to UAE Nationals. The strategy is not only in line with the UAE Government’s target of job position uptake, it is also designed to strengthen our organization and national skills base with an energized, productive and innovative workforce.


We utilize a number of Human Resource approaches aimed across various activities (e.g. recruitment fairs, training programs, etc.) to identify candidates possessing not only the required skill sets and prior work experience, but also those candidates that possess the drive and commitment to develop themselves and the environment around them to one of ongoing excellence and world class leadership.


We work hard to pinpoint existing skill and knowledge gaps, positively identifying them as opportunities not weaknesses, and develop programs tailored to promote and consolidate new abilities. We do this in dialogue with educational institutions and we are pivotal in providing essential feedback on the aviation industry’s critical business needs in order to cultivate and refine learning initiatives throughout the region.


Our intent is to drive change, transition and enable UAE National employees to move ahead in rewarding and fulfilling careers at AMMROC and beyond.


AMMROC Nationalization – “It takes a team to make Nationalization work!”